A day with Sewage and the Director/DP!

Pookie's zombie make up being applied

By Joshua Koopersmith

Recently I helped out on a punk rock music video for the band ‘Sewage’ from New York City. I had seen Sewage perform live at the Tompkins Sq. Park 25th anniversary show so I was excited to work with them. They headlined the day’s performances playing after local favorite band ‘Team Spider’.

It’s a “low budgit” production. So the whole crew for the day was 3 people. The Director/DP: Directing, Camera and Lighting, Rachel: Make up/SFX person and myself: doing anything extra that was needed on set, generally what a PA does on set.

I got to the Director/DP’s apartment at 1 PM, which was my ‘call time.’ Soon to arrive was Rachel, who did the make up for the days shoot. I soon found out that Rachel and the Director/DP had meet at the Zombie Pub Crawl which had happened recently. (Part of the music video was shot at the Zombie Pub Crawl.)

Rachel applying zombie make up to Spike's face

We headed over to the apartment of one of the band members. It was a quick walk. We arrived at the building and entered. The Director/DP, Rachel and I gave our IDs to the receptionist. After a few moments, a rather tall punk rocker with blonde hair was standing behind us and said the Director/DP’s name in a very mysterious tone. We turned around and Spike, the lead singer of Sewage, was standing right behind us. We went up the elevator and meet Roger (I later found out that the bassist of Sewage lives in the building.) After Roger was asked how he was doing he said ‘Well I’m alive’ and that he had coffee being made for us. Upon getting up to the floor of his apartment someone made a joke about Roger being a squatter. Rachel began applying the zombie make up to Spike. A few minutes later, the Director/DP and I took a walk back to his apartment to collect lights, gels, lighting stands and camera equipment and then headed back to Roger’s apartment.

We needed to make it to Astoria Sound Works and we were running a little late for the band’s scheduled playing time at the music rehearsal studio. Rachel left us just as we were leaving to head to Astoria. She gave them their final touches and some mint zombie bloody teeth goop. The Zombie make up looked awesome: Realistic looking flesh bloody wounds, Punk pins seemingly piercing through the skin. It was AMAZING. We took 2 subways (transferring once) to get to Astoria. The looks on people’s faces on the subway upon seeing the band as zombies was absolutely priceless.

"Roger Zombie" with Josh on the subway

We made it to Astoria Sound works and the band quickly set up and begun to play. The Director/DP had me set up a light that he used to make that cool light-moving-spotlight-effect that you can see in the video in the shots of the band performing. We had about 45 minutes at the space which didn’t seem to be too much of an issue. (If we had arrived earlier we would have had two hours at the rehearsal space). The Director/DP had his camera on a slider and took wide shots and close ups of all the band members playing ‘SEWAGE HI DEF’. It was a fun experience to have a private Sewage show in the midst of helping out!

The Director/DP then got some shots outside of the band members making scary faces. Then as zombies mauling one another and the Director/DP got his last shots of the day of the band walking through a dark alley in Astoria.

Sewage Zombies

>>>>>>>Click here to watch the videos<<<<<<<< SEWAGE HI DEF – sexy mischief night edit

SEWAGE HIGH DEF – bloody Zombie Crawl edit

***Contact dedicatedlane@gmail.com to get in touch with Rachel if you want her to do your make up! As you see, she’s amazing.

Bicycle Film Festival – trailers

Our trailers are live! If you want to be teased about what to expect from our films that will premiere at the Bicycle Film Festival June 29th 5pm at Film Anthology Archives in New York City, well here you go!
NYC Critical Mass Aug. 31, 2012 trailer

SFCM20 aka San Francisco Critical Mass 20th Anniversary Ride trailer

2 short films to premiere at Bicycle Film Festival this month!

Here’s the listing for our films premiering at Bicycle Film Festival:
NYC Critical Mass Aug. 31, 2012
San Francisco Critical Mass 20th Anniversary Sept. 28, 2012

Bicycle Film Festival (BFF)
at Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10003

Saturday, June 29, 2013 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM (EDT)


Hope to see you here!

Kudos to Director/DP: Stephen Arthur and Editors: Mike Mullane and Wes Baker!

We’ve been busy….

Top 10 DVDs ready to mail

We’ve been busy… Recently we mailed out 15 DVDs of “NYC Critical Mass: 10 Rides that Nearly Destroyed a Nation” to patrons who donated money through Kickstarter to make www.lastfridayofthemonth.com possible and a reality.

Time’s Up! asked us to screen this amazing video at their April 25th Movie Night, which incidentally is the night before NYC Critical Mass’ 20th Anniversary ride (April 26, 2013.) We are looking forward to both of these evenings! And yes, our lovely daughter, Virginia, will attend both of these events. NYCCM20!!!

PS – These DVDs were created as a limited run, so if we print more, we’ll let you know.

!!!Casting Announcement: 11am, Thurs. Feb. 14th (tmrw)

!!!Casting Announcement: 11am, Thurs. Feb. 14th (tmrw)

“Hipster looking” cast/crowd needed for a music video shoot for a music video shoot for Fat Wreck Chords recording artists MORNING GLORY – report, 11am, to See-Squat (155 Ave C, btw 9th & 10th Sts, East Village). For 3-4 hour shoot, involving a “hipster band” being assassinated in the NYC snow (dress warm, dress hipster) – you will be the shocked horrified crowd of ironics running for their lives!!!

>>>When it comes to the costumes think more Mumford and Sons hipster than Williamsburg hipster. Vests, tacky dress shirts, beaver skin hats (they are going to call me if any of those come in tmrw), scarves, bolwer hats, hats like in these pictures, etc.

Producing an Endangered Feces Music Video

***SPOILER ALERT for Endangered Feces fans.***

Recording sound for the Endangered Feces music video was a great hands-on experience on an independent production set.

One of the best parts about working with a small production crew was being closely involved in the filmmaking process. As the “sound guy” on set, I was largely recording sound effects: from the sounds of an alarm being slapped on the floor to the thundering sounds of someone charging down a flight of stairs. I was also included in the decision making process relating to the mise-en-scene, and setting up shots.

Observing Chris setting up the lights and camera was a learning experience on its own. I learned about using the surrounding environment to create a better composition in a shot. For example, Chris placed a garbage bin in front of the camera created a greater depth of field for a scene outside. This music video production augmented my academic filmmaking knowledge because it involved instinctual improvisations and resourcefulness. As an aspiring filmmaker, I want to apply the same innovative thought process to my own projects. Chris’s creative use of the environment on the production set was a reminder of the importance of resourcefulness.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Dedicated Lane Production team and with the band Endangered Feces.

-John Gillespie

5 days left in Indiegogo LFOTM campaign

5 days left in our http://indiegogo.com/criticalmassnycdoc campaign! Donate today and help us make Last Friday of the Month! Today’s video features NYE NYC Critical Mass circa 2004 – click here>> December 31, 2004 NYE NYC Critical Mass

post-Hurricane Sandy; http://lastfridayofthemonth.com – LIVE

Hello Dedicated Lane fans,
I hope this post finds you well and safe in light of the recent visit from Hurricane Sandy. My family and I went without power for the week but thankfully we escaped to my husband’s grandmother’s house further east which had heat. Flood waters reached a level just below our building’s door knobs, but we were spared the devastation our ground floor neighbors are still recovering from.

CURRENT EVENTS: First off, the big news: ( drumrolllll…. ) HAS GONE LIVE! You can go visit, explore, enjoy right now ( or after you finish reading this note ).
I write to you all to once again thank you ( thank you thank you ) for your donation to our Kickstarter campaign to make this history preserving timeline-based website. Before we started this project a large percentage of the tapes we successfully archived were being stored in basements that were all flooded by the hurricane. The destroyed contents of those basements being hauled en mass to dumpsters as I type. So I would say our timing couldn’t have been better.

Now I want to share more of the accomplishments of our amazing team’s dedicated work over the past eleven months. I am pleased to encourage you to visit ! It contains links to newspaper articles written about NYC Critical Mass and short videos featuring Chris Ryan’s footage from over the years. We are making new videos as well as re-editing videos posted, so visit this portion of the site frequently.
ARCHIVING: Furthermore, we digitized all of our Critical Mass-oriented footage! Now we’re logging and editing new videos. Thus far, our team has made 40 videos based on NYC Critical Mass rides spanning 2003 – 2010. And our team continues to make videos, so look for new content in December! We also helped Time’s Up! digitize their footage (500 hours of video now successfully archived) and made 8 Time’s Up! videos. This Fall we are utilizing the same systems we created to catalog our materials to helping organize and log their footage and extensive press archives.

Also check out our Indie GoGo campaign, , which we will use to head up “Phase Two”, the creation of the first cut Feature Documentary “Last Friday of the Month”!

All the Best,
Allie Ryan

Enjoy watching our videos on .

Back from Paris, where we shot the new music video for Trashley

Still color correcting, but VERY SOON we will be posting the Dedicated Lane produced music video for French rockers “TRASHLEY”. It’s a mix of narrative and performance video following the band as they are plagued by well-dressed pickpockets.

It features great acting and beautifully captured Parisian locations ranging from the elegant to the subterranean.

-Funny: the band Trashley was confused when we asked the origin of their name, replying, “It is an American saying.” Surprised by our claim that we don’t know in America who uses the word trashley, the band showed us the definition as it appears in Urban Dictionary. Upon checking out the entry and subsequent comments, we had to explain to our new French friends that they have not named themselves after an insult to trashy women in general, but after some poor girl named Ashley in South Carolina whose “friends” created the entry about her specifically! Oh well, someday she can take comfort in the fact that at least she has a band named after her (and perhaps had a good time along the way).

Web-based NYC Critical Mass Timeline project has begun!

Thanks to EVERYONE who pledged to the campaign, supplied items to auction, and worked the party! Together we reached our goal! http://kck.st/sSieDr

Preserving a piece of controversial history: The NYC Critical Mass Web-based Timeline

Between our own DLP archives, the work of various video collectives, and the numerous independent videographers who are excited to contribute footage, we have a massive round of digitizing ahead of us.

In order to help with some of the costs associated with this important preservation project, please visit and contribute to the fundraising campaign: http://kck.st/sSieDr

Below is a sample NYC Critical Mass timeline, which ends with 2007. We plan to expand the timeline to 2011.

If you scroll across the page (horizontally) you can read the NYC Critical Mass Timeline 1993 – 2007. It’s a little faint to read in the beginning, so alternative is clicking on the link below and the timeline will come up in a separate window.

LINK: CMTimeline_onNYTurf_Freewheels_FAskew_XUP


We are going to create an online interactive historical timeline and website featuring significant dates/events/milestones in regard to Critical Mass and bicycling in New York City. Within an interactive website, users will be able to click on a date and choose from multiple media sources – read printed articles, watch a video of cinema verite footage and/or newscasts and look at photographs, posters, literature.


Dedicated Lane and its collaborators have gathered original source material (video, recorded newscasts, photographs, newspaper articles, magazine articles, posters). Now with YOUR HELP, we want to finish organize, scan, log & capture, edit, upload…. whatever it takes to launch this timeline website.


The money raised will help pay for office space, domain, hosting, web development and hard drives.

Dedicated Lane and its collaborators will be working together and sharing office space with the Time’s Up! Video Collective’s Archiving Project led by Barbara Ross as we share our archiving and storage solutions expertise.

We want to raise $3000 – $5000 to build this web-based timeline. So once we reach our minimal goal of $2500, please continue sharing our project with others to fund.


This timeline website is the first step in post production for our Critical Mass Doc. entitled “LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH.”

PS: Prizes are different from our last kickstarter campaign.

911 by Bike – the lost tape (never seen before 911 footage)

I shot this footage as the chaos was unfolding. I never labeled the tape, and until today, the 10th anniversary of 911, I never watched the footage.

In honor of the innocent lives cut short 10 years ago, and nearly every day since, i have cut together this video.

In honor of the innocent lives cut short 10 years ago, and nearly every day since, i have cut together this video.

Let us remember that those who were able to express themselves before perishing thought about love, not vengeance. Vengeance is what likely killed them. In the days since, we have bombed countless people. Perhaps it is time to lead by example, not misguided retaliation and greed.

JUSTICE ( does not equal ) VENGEANCE


A supportive call from Reverend Billy (a final Kickstarter Manifesto, live from a Montana cabin)

Yesterday I got a call of condolence from our Reverend, aka Reverend Billy.  It’s funny how I somehow, somewhat, crave that paradigm of spiritual guide in life, and how Billy somehow provides that when needed. He even married me in the ultimate Miracle upon miracles. Throughout it all we may appear to be consciously or subconsciously mocking the concept of our cloth-based relationship, yet somehow under that deep dark layer of mimicry, we must respect, crave, and need that familiar consumer-tested fulfillment and belief that we are either not getting, impossible to get, or too lost in hypocrisy for our intellects to make peace with elsewhere. Well, either way, the phone call from the Rev. was both reassuring and perhaps unknown to me, needed.

“DLP are heroes, you’re doing it!” says the Rev as he consoles us regarding our recent failure to make our wildly exorbitant / modestly realistic goal.  It seems Billy got wind of the missed mark from our mutual friend Laura Newman, another hero friend of ours, who shot the “lovable redneck fella filling his kitchen sink with a giant fireball by holding a lighter to his tap water” shot seen around the world and in the Gasland doc. (somewhere between Jackass, Eco-terror, and shock rock, it was the shot that launched a thousand sink owners’ questions.)  Laura may have been referring to our “famous for all the wrong reasons benefit party”-, but with the entire campaign coming to an end, it seemed a good time to recount the Rev’s words.

The Rev called to say “It’s a riddle,” and “You’ll get your film made!” as Billy proposed we do something together on the 10th anniversary of 9-11, this September on Union Square. He was thinking that if we showed our finished film ( or part of it more realistically ) as an illustration of some of the changes that have occurred over the last anti-shoe, pro TSA grope decade, we may be able to avoid what he seemed to fear was the “inevitable mass arrests” that are now possible due to the permit schemes that have been put in place.  Billy theorized that maybe we should consider calling the proposed Union Square event a movie screening, instead of a “protest” (  AKA gathering, disruption, unpleasantness for some, event, which it will really be either way, as currently defined by the powers that be. ) While I am sure Billy would prefer to try out some new terminology such as a radical gathering for listening,  revolutionary reflection, intellectual non-destruction, harmonic resurrection, social need-ia,  or something with ‘alujah in it, I am glad his creative skills are in realistic and productive damage control mode, since I suspect he himself could be a bit beaten down and saddened by the thought of masking a gathering as anything other than what it is.  But, as a spirit’ual leader, knowing those who can’t afford to risk arrest won’t feel comfortable heading to the previously inviting park environment they all headed to with candles and chalk nearly 10 years ago, that time in shock and mourning of a different tragedy, not even considering a permit.  But today is about cheering me up, so he puts out a strong wave of assurance.

As Billy sings praises and reassurances for the future regarding this very real and actual promised land, I know the Rev worries what affect the recent real life image of he, as a daddy being yanked away from his little girl on a dark street by unidentified plainclothes karma police, far from the cameras or protests that he is supposedly being punished for, has on an impressionable young daughter’s mind.  A horrible sight, that in many countries would likely signal the last time you ever saw that person again.  Still an unlikely fact here, and that makes me appreciative of the country we live in. We still rest fairly assured that a disappearing is not likely the case and said abductee will likely emerge from the aptly titled tombs in a day or so, not learning any new lesson other than in killing time and self doubt, but at the same time, I wonder if this recent successful effort to make non-public arrests such as Billy’s (as he headed home from Lincoln Center after a Koch Brothers protest), are the intra-mural games for the Super Bowl to which we are headed if we have any legitimate chance at non-self destruction, both spiritually and ecologically. Who knows, I just wanted to ride my bike!

So, no matter what game are we all jumping rope for in the 80’s montage of our minds, we are all shaping up and learning everyday!   Though i wonder what all the green covert’arino at grandma’s peace bake sale really stretching their infiltrating muscles for?  Do brownies and bike chains signaling a future threat, or training ground, for either “side”? Are the spenders-that-be creating jobs by destroying faith, or just biding time before they cash in the last chips and retreat to rustic bunkers with laser guided alarms?  Are the extorted funds building Hoover Damns in our minds simply putting food on young agents tables, or crushing the appetite for thought in the minds of allegedly free peoples?  These are mysteries to ponder with your Reverend in the hope that the asking of questions can shape answers, and find faith. All the while hoping that the clicking noise on your phone is just a bad connection inadvertently slowing down the proliferation of brain cancer due thanks to impatience of two men who grew up with rotary dials, not the costly pension creating new agencies of poorly trained and utilized man and woman power trumping education in our tax spending priorities.

I am not sure, but i fell possessed ( help me Rev ) to mention that my earliest childhood memory was nearly choking to death on a lifesaver candy in a New York City church. Rescued  by my dad, who in pre-heimlich awareness dark ages I believe pounded my back until i had coughed up and revived after launching the cherry red ring high into the dusty stained glass illuminated Queens air, sailing in crimson glory past the gold adorned alter and its well protected tending goalie, seemingly unnoticed.  True story.  Either way, now I’ve got a digital Reverend who makes monitored house calls and wonders with everyone talking at once, is anybody listening?  I know the Rev’s long been saying that we need to listen to what the Earth is saying to us, but this is the first time I’ve heard him ponder if any of us are listening to each other.

Well, for that moment, I’d have to say YES.

thanks Rev,


-hope u enjoyed all the videos, manifestos, and made-up feuds with snobs!
^tho I’d like to say the Critical Mass doc would be the main priority starting this week, it sadly will not be… BUT, rest assured it will be worked on in all spare moments, utilizing all the volunteer power we can harness and we are seeking to secure new office space! -Allie

And as a special thanks, to EVERY person who pledged ( and made it this far down the page ).
We’d like to mail you a thank you gift – a DVD of Still We Ride, the updated DVD w/ the comic book and all new shorts etc. Whether we really received anything from you or not!

Just give us your mailing address!


Many of you have asked if Y0U can still mail us your Pledge/Donations, to which we say HELL YES!
 We will use all funds to get this doc closer to completion!!!! And hopefully in festivals in 2012

Make checks: to Allie Ryan,
648 East 11th St., Unit #D1
New York, NY 10009

8 hours to go… Pledge today!

8 hours to go… Pledge Today on our NYC Critical Mass Documentary Kickstarter page

Spread the word…

Kickstarter Video of the Day #28

Today’s short (1.20 min) = May 2011 Critical Mass, a ticket was issued to one of the riders. Watch to find what happens next!

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #27

Today’s Short (1.40 min) = April 2011 Critical Mass Ride – Cyclist participation in Critical Mass seems to be declining, however the NYPD participation is way up. Thanks to Barbara Ross, one of our backers, for narrating!!!

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #26

Today’s Short (50 sec.) = Bike lanes are a controversial issue in NYC. Mike Dee, an internationally famous messenger, explains it simply in “New Yorker” terms. Mike Dee says everyone hates them. That might be true, but everyone has a different reason why.

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #25

Today’s Short (1.50 min) = Here’s an excerpt of the Oct. 2010 press conference of the 83 cyclists wrongfully arrested from Sept. 2004 – January 2006 and the Federal Courts made New York City pay $965,000 to them.

*Please note half of the money awarded went to pay legal fees.

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #24

Today’s Short (1:40) = Patrick Lynch, President of the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association, comments on the repercussions against Officer Pogen regarding the Christopher Long incident. Christopher X. Brodeur chirps up with some comments of his own.

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eBay Auction: Nikon D300 Digital SLR Camera with accessories FOR SALE

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CHROME Warsaw bags are the best!

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eBay auction – MTB Columbus “Dirt Research” bike frame & fork for SALE

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Columbus Hot Springs “Dirt Research” NOS (new old stock) rigid MTB (mountain bike) Frame 19 3/4″ (center to center); 22″ (center to top & fork)

color: Tan Chromely

This is a new, never assembled steel frame form the 90s ( I think around 95 or 96). Originally these types of bikes were sold as complete bikes with either rigid forks or with short-travel front suspension (about 60mm). The beauty of these frames is that they come with a matching rigid fork of the proper length (just slightly suspension correct).

Share the Trailer, Spread the word, Summit Kickstarter.com!

This is our final week of accepting pledges for our Kickstarter Critical Mass Doc fundraiser. Please help us get the word out (far and wide) with your networking and social media outlets!

Every pledge (large and small) makes a difference! Let’s finish this doc!

And without further ado, our BRAND NEW NYC Critical Mass Documentary BLOCKBUSTER TRAILER:

please forward / like / widely!!

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #23

Today’s Short (1 min) = Bill Time’s Up! says the video evidence of former NYPD Officer Pogen’s tackle was so strong it could have literally given testimony. Well, it was pretty strong.

Then Lou Young, a WCBS news reporter, steps in for the final say…

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #22

Today’s Short (1:26) = April 2010 Critical Mass – right after the NYC Criminal Court finds former NYPD Officer Patrick Pogan NOT Guilty of shoving a cyclist off his bicycle YET GUILTY of Falsifying documents. The ride stops by “scene of the crime” on a 3 hour Critical Mass ride around NYC. As usual scooter cops, undercover cops and cop cars follow. In a rare benevolent act, a scooter cop does something good. Watch and see…

PS – Bill Time’s Up! gives a great recap on the positive impact of cycling and Critical Mass in NYC.

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #21

Today’s Short (1:20) = A tourist’s video of Christopher Long, a cyclist, being tackled and arrested by a NYPD cop in Time’s Square during the July 2008 Critical Mass goes viral on Youtube. Watch the “Critical Tackle” news disseminated by numerous local and newscasts.

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #20

Today’s Short (1min) = Bill Time’s Up! and his longtime friend Paul Leibow sort through the Time’s Up! archives and come across some old Critical Mass flyers. Bill reveals that there is a lot more to making a flyer than printing a date and time.

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #19

Today’s Short (1 min) = NYPD Deputy Chief Smolka’s name spreads across the country as Dave Glowacz of Chicago (Mr. Bike) gets ticketed averting a bus on the Last Friday of the Month, coincidentally near Union Square after a Critical Mass ride had left the premises. (April 2005)

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #18

Today’s Short (1.2 min) = Parade without a Permit tickets are IN EFFECT even if you don’t participate in Critical Mass.

This video features Stephen Arthur, one of our backers!

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #17

Today’s Short (1:20) = Norman Siegel, former NYCLU director, is a leading expert on civil rights which he actively fights to protect. He is one of this documentary’s “people of interest.”

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #16

Today’s Short (1:30) = At the 2005 Still We Speak Rally in Union Square, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir encourage people to remember their rights and speak out. And to ride their bikes.

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #15

Today’s Short (1 min) = Where can you “MEET SPECIAL PEOPLE”?? Forget Match.C0M, forget eHarmony, or AmishSingles.0rg …

Try NYPD, & their “PaddyWagon.C0M” — where you’ll find Soul-Mates!!! ( for LIFE!)


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Kickstarter: NEW PRIZES!!! DVD ($35) + a Poster/movie soundtrack option + BROOKLYN PARTY Announced!

Due to popular Demand, we are now offering a DVD of the movie, before it hits the festivals, before cable TV, before anyone sees it… for the low pledge amount of $35!

(Don’t worry if you have Already Pledged, this PRIZE will be included with your higher Pledges etc! )

at our Fundraising Party!!! ( just confirmed!!! )
–next Thurs. June 16th, NYC. 6:30 PM
— at the Times-Up Brooklyn Space! ***
*** 99 South 6th Street, NYC Under the Williamsburg Bridge Bike Path !!–
FEAT> Dancing and Drinking and maybe BBQ’ing, Cheap Bikes, Silent Auctions, Not so Silent Free Speech, more dancing, video projections, talking, drinking, money raising, ====THE No-ONE turned away BLOW OUT OF THE EARLY SUMMER !!!!

–((((see photo of the Times-Up’s RAD Space below.. BBQ on the Balcony !!! ))))
We have been trapped in the office too long, posting Videos of the Day, logging, capturing, working… time to SOCIALIZE w/ you! Our friends, Neighbors, Generous Public!
COME ON OUT– it you are one of our International friends, get on a plane… NYC needs you to consume alcohol.

…thanks for your support,


PS… check out the cool cards to celebrate the NEW DVD GIFT options! ( we will be handing them out at the World Naked Bike Ride on SAT!  (*wait- naked! no pockets.. maybe we didnt think this thru) If you want some to give away to your friends hit us up w/ a note! we’re getting 1000) .. they feature a great photo of Critical Mass at Times Square by the multi talented Stephan Davis Phillips  …more STEPHEN’s PHOTOS   http://sdp-p.com/

( also Check out Stephen’s super cool “pump adapter key chain” invention )   bulletkeychain.com

note- at first we imagined a Times Square photo w/ a “bike lift” would be the ultimate image, but isn’t it sort of cool, that it ISN’T clear these people are on bikes, it’s like a public assembly in Times Square… in GENERAL! which is, after all, what is under attack, ALL ASSEMBLY.  almost creepy… like ~~~Night of the Living Dead Constitution~~~

Kickstarter Video of the Day #14

Civil Rights lawyer Gideon Oliver, Esquire explains a bit about the LAW!

*our interns asked “How can he be an Esquire, he’s in a T-Shirt?”


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Kickstarter Video of the Day #13

Today’s Short (1.20 min) = February 2005 Critical Mass

5.999999999 months into a Critical Mass rider’s probation agreement (ACD/Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal). He decides to go and observe Critical Mass. He follows the ride on foot to the arrest points.

Later that night, as it nears midnight, he decides that it’s safe to ride his bike.


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Kickstarter Video of the Day #12

Today’s short (2.2 min) = ~BICYCLE PIRATE CHASED INTO HIS HOME~

Luckily his Pirate Hat comes equipped with a “lipstick cam” so the skillful biking & sidewalk plank walking can be preserved for all.

( must be seen to be believed )


Pledge today!


Hola from Madrid Critical Mass!

- from Kailyn, a former DLP intern

Hi Allie! I arrived in Spain yesterday and have moved in to my new flat. I went walking sound with my roommate today and this is what we came across! Critical Mass Madrid! They even did a bike lift but unfortunately I ran out of space on my recorder.
Hope all is well at DLP!
<3 Kailyn

A reading of a former DLP intern’s script

Dave Leiter, a former Dedicated Lane intern, held a reading of his latest script last night at M1-5 in Tribeca.

Kudos Dave!

PS – Dave is narrating and sitting on the far right.

Kickstarter Video of the Day #11

Today’s short (1.20 min) = FEAR on the streets of New York. Despite Rosie Mendez, 5 Boro Bike Club and others arguing that the NYPD’s “Parade without a Permit” law (40 cyclists or more riding together) is illegal, let’s see the NYPD’s response on the streets of NYC.

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Kudos to Ruben and the George Ennis Film Festival!

from Ruben Ortiz, Jr., a former DLP intern:

I just wanted to share some info on a project of mine. I made a short
doc on a group of guys in Queens, who participate in the Coney Island
Polar Bear Club Swim every New Year’s Day. They’re a great bunch of
guys and it was a lot of fun to work on.

My short doc was selected to play at The George Ennis film festival which
takes place this coming Sunday, June 5, 2011.

I’m only telling you all of this because I learned a lot about
documentary storytelling from DLP. I’m not super interested in continuing down the
path of docs, but the little bit I do know was imparted to me by DLP.
So I just wanted to say thanks for the assist!

Congratulations Ruben!!!

Kickstarter Video of the Day #10

Today’s short (1 min) = Reverend Al Sharpton joins NYC Critical Mass on May 30, 2008.

Kickstarter Video of the Day #9

Today’s short (1 min) = Critical Fun April 25, 2008.

Our favorite Critical Mass rider gets lost trying to catch up with the ride. When he finally does, Michael Green of NYCBikeBlog.com makes a guest appearance!

Kickstarter Video of the Day #8

Today’s Short (1 min) = Although included as a Bike Month event, sponsored in part by the NYC DOT, the NYPD continued to make their impact during the May 2007 Critical Mass ride. They began the arrests at Union Square as cyclists faced the challenge to finish the ride at Washington Square Park.

Critical Mass was also included on the 2011 Bike Month calendar.


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Kickstarter Video of the Day #7

Today’s Short (1:20) = Straphanger Mass! Critical Mass cyclists avoid the NYPD brigade at Union Square by using the city’s mass transit system to relocate the start of the ride. Chris sings about it extemporaneously.

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #6

Today’s Short (2 min) = In the wake of the NYPD’s tightening stranglehold, we learn a DIY solution for Bike Lights and New York City Council Woman Rosie Mendez stands up for Critical Mass’ Constitutional Right of Assembly.

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #5

Today’s short (1 min) = A summary of the current state of NYC Critical Mass and the harassment of cyclists.

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #3

Today’s short (1 min) = NYC Critical Mass Ride, August 27, 2004, a week before the Republican National Convention. What was expected to be a fun “Party on Wheels” ended in multiple arrests and changed the purpose of the ride for many cyclists from then on.

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Kickstarter Video of the Day #2

Today’s short (1 min) = Lost footage! April 24, 2003, a euphoric Critical Mass Ride
(pre- Republican National Convention (RNC) Critical Mass August 2004)

notice one of our backers: Dave singing an excerpt of my favorite Critical Mass song – 2 wheels good, 4 wheels bad.

Enjoy! – Allie

our Kickstarter url is:


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Kickstarter Vlog – glimmers of our CM footage begins

Ok, this is DAY ONE of our Kickstarter VLOG. We will post a video a day ( Monday-Friday ) every day of our Kickstarter campaign – until July 1st, in order to show people some of our video finds, progress, and appreciation!

AND we’ll also post bonus videos for when we reach significant milestones such as $9,020, $14,020, $19,020 and so on…

Anyone who pledges will get these UPDATES so you will know each time we upload a video.



Today’s short ( 1 min ) = Explanation of the basic concept of Critical Mass bicycle rides ( while painting a cool “Bike Lift Logo” Banner… ) enjoy.

Polar Bear Ride Video – it’s Hot! Hot! Hot!

-written by Catherine Taormina aka Rockstar Sissy

When I began interning here at Dedicated Lane, I knew I would be working on environmentally-focused issues. This made me happy because I am an environmentalist. I am happy to share environmental education by way of videos! I love video editing. I love music videos. This Polar Bear Ride is in essence a music video.

I would say there was 2 hours of footage shot, I then watched all the footage picking segments (selects) I would intend to use. This took 2 hours. The selects totaled 18 minutes. At the end of picking all my selects, I realized that I had been watching that footage zoomed in ahhhh!!!! I couldn’t believe it! I was wondering why the footage looked “on the fly”. Well, this is why I’m interning. To be more aware of these things. I knew about the zoomed in feature on Final Cut Pro, but I didn’t realize UNTIL THE END OF WATCHING AND SELECTING 2 hours of footage ahhh!!!!

I decided to trust that my zoomed in selects would be fine zoomed out. Otherwise, I would have watched the entire 2 hours again and made new selects. I didn’t have time, with a deadline looming. From the 18 minutes of selects, it took me 4 hours to edit to fit the song, create titles & credits, and fix the sound.

I learned how to edit sound 2 ways. One which how nice was very similar to imovie sound editing; the other I think I already forgot because it was getting late and I was burnt out at the end of four intense hours of editing. But it had something to do with adjusting gain. I considered a couple songs but Hot Hot Hot won out because it was moving and danceable. (Ice ice baby, I’m cold and hot hot hot by the Cure and “It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes” lost.)

I just learned that the ride continued with about 45 minutes of additional footage shot 8mm style on an iPhone in Central Park at the Zoo. And where the Polar Bear Riders got kicked out. I have not seen this footage. Thus I might edit another version, perhaps a shorter version more compact. Less dancing at the beginning. I know the dance footage will make the participants happy so I’m glad for that. If the song was shorter there would have been less dancing but yea for a long dance song!

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…

- written by Alex Reali, one of our new interns…
So I was at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in October, but I wasn’t actually. I saw all of these incredible signs while I was there, except I wasn’t. Months later, however, I was, I promise. In fact I spent two weeks re-living the experience! In October, in the weeks leading up to the 30th of the month- The Big Day itself- my generation, and then my friends, started buzzing about the event; a Must-go! Free busses! Make a sign! Make many! Dress up! Will Rachel Maddow be there? I couldn’t attend, I wasn’t in the country, but all of the seven or eight links of communicate to East-coasters were proclaiming how big this thing would be. And it was a pretty big deal. Kid Rock was there. Jeff Tweedy. You too?

Fast forward to May. When I first saw the footage from the event. I was, as I mentioned, familiar with the premise, that it turned out to be a huge landmark and a wonderful spectacle. I remembered that in October, I was regretful that I couldn’t attend; to put it bluntly, I envisioned a kind of hippie Be-In, and I’ve always been jealous of my Dad’s opportunity to attend Woodstock wearing turquoise rings on his fingers. To further this regret, my friends had told me that they would be taking free busses provided thoughtfully by Huffington Post, from New York to D.C.- Stewart and Colbert’s Woodstock. I was envious that I couldn’t participate in the amalgamation of these ideals; at the time, I was 22, and boy do I love America. Luckily, thanks to this footage, I didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn on the day before Halloween; I probably ate un pain au chocolate instead, or a nice baguette sandwich. I’m very lucky that instead, I only had to wait a few months- seven to be exact- to witness the Spectacle.

Seven months later, Allie handed me a hard drive with an encapsulated Rally. I mentioned that my previous impression of the event had been; ooh! swarms of gen X “hippies”…a “Be-In.” So when I at down with the actual footage, this was indeed the case, but only partially. The footage showed thousands of people showing their support…for each other. I’ve never seen anything like this, I was pleasantly surprised. In watching these clips, I also got a personally snarky narrated tour of the proverbial Rally Fairgrounds- i.e. The Mall- and if you watch this video, so will you.

So whether you were in attendance, or you’ve regretted not going afterwards like me, here are some high points; these are Our Words, Our creativity in numbers. The signs were amazing, you can see that; the voice of The People! This is why video is powerful. With this clip, you’re watching a historical document, a moving picture of the times. Here’s a moving postcard…

PS – Brian Tannenbaum makes a guest appearance in this video.

PSS – Best of Luck to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert at the Emmy’s!!!

Earth Day 2011 – Rainforest Action Network Banner Drop

earth day 2011 banner drop ( mayor mike hates rainforests? ) from Allie Ryan on Vimeo.

NYC Critical Mass Doc KICKSTARTER campaign – LAUNCHED

We launched our Kickstarter campaign to fund our NYC Critical Mass documentary, “Last Friday of the Month.”

In the weeks to come, our dedicated interns will upload video clips that illuminate the wealth of footage (over 300 hours) we have from 2004 to 2008.
(There is plenty of other footage to document this surreal tale, but the meat of our story lies within these four years.)

Join our ride and make a monetary pledge today!

Earthalujah! Call to Action – April 3, 2011

Sunday marked my first day as an official Dedicated Lane Intern and with it brought a supercharge to my little activist heart. On my very first day  I was the PA/Gaffer PA on a film shoot of the Church of Earthalujah.  I rigged four lights ( bonus points -> I wore a super cool tool belt -provided by Chris, who wore many hats that day – director/DP/gaffer, – combining both fashion and function – – whoever said interning can’t be glamorous ?!)

Once the lights were set and ‘Mass’ was about to begin, I got the perk of sitting in the front row. Witnessing Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir in action (in this service – song, dance and sermon) I was mesmerized. Reverend Billy’s sermon, in particular, swept dust off my activist heart and inspired me to start thinking again about causes that I once cared about.

I was thrilled that Justin Vivienne Bond was Sainted by the Church of Earthalujah. Being familiar with the famous Justin Vivienne Bond, it was a real treat to see him perform Tomorrow Will Be (the 22nd Century) live and accompanied by Nathan Carrera! And the Church’s second saint, Tim deChristopher, shared his extraordinary courageous story to save America’s pristine lands from George Bush and Cheney’s cronies. Tim’s story made me aware that WE, United States citizens, cannot take our state and national parks for granted. Mmm, it’s time to go with my friends on a hiking trip of Eagle Mountain.

After the service and breakdown commenced, I truly felt recharged ! Something was definitely stirred up in me that perhaps had been caked under all this lethargy from the daily grind. EARTHALUJAH indeed! As far as first days on the job go, this is one for the books :-)

-Tammy Sellner

REVEREND BILLY fundraiser party – interns night out

- A night out on St. Mark’s Place with Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir -

After a long day of transcribing at Dedicated Lane, Allie invited me to attend a party hosted by the most unconventional Reverend I’ve ever encountered with a message that doesn’t just ask you to take a ‘leap of faith’, but to simply open your eyes to what is happening to the local business across your street.

Even though I started a couple weeks ago, the people I interact with has become one of my favorite facets about Dedicated Lane. This evening was no exception. It was full of socializing and mingling, but not without a few songs to liven the mood and remember why everyone was there.

A common chant heard was “stop shopping”, but don’t take it too literally, it means stop shopping at the corporate chain stores and support the small businesses struggling more and more every day.  Hmmm, support small businesses? That sounds like something both political parties would agree on.

You may have heard of this guy before, he was in the Morgan Spurlock-produced documentary WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY, which takes a comedic yet intelligent approach to this perspective on corporate America taking over. Reverend Billy has a television show on freespeech.org, something you should definitely check out if any this hits a note.

Dedicated Lane Productions and Reverend Billy not only work together, but are great friends as well, which makes any project all the more better.  Look out for more updates on that. I think Reverend Billy plans on going up against the big banks next!


Can you spot the Dedicated Lane Editor on HBO?

Schwartzman sez: I'm Speechless! I can't believe Robin's on my show!

If you happened to catch Bored to Death this Sunday, you might have noticed DL co-conspirator and comic book artist Robin Enrico appearing in several shots greeting comic book convention attendees. So now we know where he is when he should be editing Leftover Crack: The Movie…..

You can't hide from us Robin, especially not on an HBO Comedy.

Leftover Crack Shoot – A Blizzard of Warmth

After a fiery set in Brooklyn, Leftover Crack get marooned in their hometown of NYC ( forcing them to miss the much anticipated show at OttoBar in Baltimore, Maryland).

An abandoned van, a warm squat, and an attack plan on how to reach New Jersey* are all they have to keep them warm during the Blizzard of 2010.

That, and warm memories of Chicken-Man Mike, who we decked out with a crash cam, head-strapped and gaffer taped to his (chicken) Head… who was being escorted out by security until EZRA and STZA stepped in to save the day ( with out missing a beat ). Not bad for a band that hasn’t played together in over a year, on stage or off. Good times, good times.

A great ending was seeing the entire band, waiting for the L train after their van was stranded in 24inch snow drifts in Brooklyn. Stza was very happy to have not paid by sliding under the turnstiles. “You can do that during blizzards, blackouts and world trade centers falling downs.”

More budget tips from the STZA coming soon!

VIDEO “Born to Die” ( Blizzard version, feat. ChickenManCam )

watch in HD Here:  Leftover Crack Blizzard –HD VERSION– or… regular def. below…

he WILL find u,

he WILL film u

this just in– “ChickenMan stage dive” after singing GrindCore version of LONG VIEW  with GREEN DAY at MSG

( 2:20 for the stage-dive some call a FAIL, we call a SUCK-CEDE )

more breaking news—

–*next show “Home for the Holidays” with BOUNCING SOULS @ the Stone Pony, Asbury Park / New Jersey – 12/28/2010 – IS STILL ON!!!

IS CANCELLED ;-(   sorry, New Jersey is snowed into a “State of Emergen-C” **

(**while we can’t understand why the entire state chose to OD on orange powder today of all Dayz.. we respect their cash register line impulse decisions.)

Wombat In Combat (DLP at C-Squat)

DAY 1: music video shoot.  Lots of challenges, such as keeping the house/location/squat, full of a wide range of personalities happy. While lighting the location to look great. Yet not sacrificing the seedy element that IS the essence of c-squat, and ultimately… Not burning the whole place down.

Some of the gear

(With a side agenda of not exporting any bed bugs.)
Decided to go as small and mobile as possible, yet getting a nice stark lighting look. My assault package, 4 lights, all less than 1k ( 1000 watts). In a rolling tool bag that has a luggage like handle, a small canvas bag with extension cords and gaffer tape, and no tripods, no light stands, not even a camera bag.
One advantage of having the dedicated lane office space a mere 1.5 blocks away is I could just leave the camera there ’til the very last minute while Brian and I set up lights, hoping the circuit breakers hold out. Luckily c-squat isn’t powered by a lamp post out on the side walk anymore so there is a little more JUICE to work with. Just to be safe ( relatively speaking ) we run our 4 little lights on the circuit running along the uptown side of the basement and balcony SO godfather/ sound man / connoisseur of bloody girls gone wild hats, John Dolan can have all the sound running on the circuit on the downtown side of the performance ‘space’*
That way if something trips the ( hopefully existing ) circuit breakers, we lose either lights OR sound, Not both which could give the impression of a Y2k / police raid / Cloverfield Monster attack and cause undue stress. .
*the “space” is basically a basement with half the ceiling missing creating a 2 story high area with an improvised balcony lined with a railing of bicycles
The bike railing provided for a great alternative to using clunky, awkward, potential improvised weapon- like light stands, which would eventually would be knocked over anyway, so an array of maffer clamps, cartellini’s, and even a c-stand head with a wooden peg in it served our mounting needs very well.
Brian was left with the task of safety’ing the lights and barn doors etc with trick line and appears to have failed miserably in that the few lines I pulled on to test fell right off in my hand, so mental note: INTERN KNOT TYING class , coming very soon!

Audiences look better through Bike Spokes

But, they were all small lights and and it can seem silly ‘safety’ing’ anything at a place where people are kicking each other in the head & landing on their elbows after slipping on indoor dog poop and sleeping it off in closets full of rubble. It’s sort of like being the guy responsible for seat belts on the transports arriving at Normandy beach. But so it is in my life.

Peter Shapiro arrived with his shoulder mounted SLR seeking direction, and in hindsight I think I spent 99% of the yelled conversation explaining to him how to decrease the chances of having his camera, lens, and belief in humanity, smashed.
Last I heard he did have some damages, but didn’t tell me about yet / ever… We’ll see

Well, at the end of the night we seemed to make it out with all the gear. One rouge maffer clamp took 2 more trips back to c-squat to retrieve properly ( always have a clear inventory of what goes in a location, never let anyone tell you they looked everywhere –matter can neither be created nor destroyed— and always discipline yourself to count and check inventory at the very end end of the night, despite how many 4-loco’s, crack hits, and / or guiness’s are swimming in your system saying “hey, pay attention to me”.
Ultimately, We left the lights up and running for most of the other acts to keep the ambiance going / not make Wombat in Combat seem TOO much the belle of the ball in a very non hierarchical environment. But, in reality they were the Belles, whether it be vocalist Chris’ pretty panties, or $am’s 25th birthday celebrations…. The night WAS theirs, and I hope we did it justice.

Check Out this lil’ Teaser of what we shot

Rain Soaked Brooklyn Voyage

1st Mate’s Log As I wring out the water from my drenched socks, I write to you of a tale of our expedition to the flooded streets of Greenpoint to meet up with Seth Olenick, Crack photographer. Captain Chris volunteered his time and offered to be my advisor as I cast off Eastward from the Isle of Manhattan faring the rickety vessels of the MTA, namely the S.S. L-Train and the H.M.S. B48 Bus to get to Lensman’s Cay hidden away in plain sight on the flooded North Brooklyn canals.

Seth hears about another Brilliant Idea

Seth graciously invited us soaked sailors inside his studio where our raincoats slicked his linoleum floor dripping the gallons of water they each collected. Once inside the artist’s wharf we were able to get what we came for: Seth’s Brain and his beautiful beautiful bounty of Leftover Crack photographic treasure.

Seth Gives Up the Goods

Seth Olenick, who hails from the western shores of this foul domain, has been snapping Leftover Crack from the days before “Shoot the Kids at School” was a twinkle in Stza’s eye. Seth had many yarns to spin about Sturgeon being the cause of Failing Grades, Interview Duplicity and Basement Odors. Sturg made up for this scurvy legacy by being an exemplary photographic subject and acting as a professor of Musket Safety to careless youth and of course rocking very very hard.

Seth fills the SD Card with Crack Memories

In Seth’s treasure chest we uncovered many great LOC stills, unknown to the world that will make for excellent additions to the film. We also discovered a draft of a top secret Choking Victim Children’s Book with a very important life lesson for the 2-5 year old demographic. More intel on that much much later.

Seth graciously gave us 2 and a half hours of his time explaining each of his photo sessions with the band and the situations he found himself in with the Crack Crew. We are eternally grateful to Seth and to Ara for giving us the contacts (like Seth) we need to make LOC the Movie what it should be.
We left the studio and I proceeded to shiver my timbers off in the cold as a watery grave, windy Brooklyn Night. (Thanks to the Chinese take-out for scalding hot Eggdrop soup, it definitely warms you up when you pour some down your esophogas.)

I learned there's nothing gaffer tape is not good for. Even microphones.

End Log


In sweltering conditions on the longest day of the year, DLP boarded landing craft alongside hundreds of punks on a mission to occupy Governor’s island during the 3rd annual Punk island festival. Across 17 remotely scattered stages, dozens of punk bands spread (and shouted) the good word all over the historical seat of NY power.

An all star cast led by Star Fucking Hipsters (One of Stza’s side projects), Morning Glory, Team Spider and of course Sewage. In fact, Xris, El Generale, was accompanied by his mom who was there to chaperone her son and to make certain her son did not get into trouble with the wrong crowd.

As always we were present to document Sewage’s performance, this set being of particular importance because of recent developments between Spike, Johann, and Suzie, and the simple fact that this will be Sewage’s last show with Earl and Lucky who have joined Morning Glory, who you LOC scholars know and love as Ezra’s other band.

Despite our best efforts we were unable to find the Alternative Tentacles stage where Morning Glory was performing, it made for great drama (and comedy) as our entire crew+Spike and Johann searched the island for what was the most popular stage at the event yet no one we bumped into seemed to know where it was!

The island contained everything we here at dedicated lane are all about: Spike, Suzie, Sewage, elements of Leftover Crack, droves of punks, bikes and punks on bikes.

Happy Summer!

Punk Island

Credit Cutie Calamity

Dozens of Punk Bands on 17 Stages will be turning Governor’s Island into Punk Island on Sunday, June 21st.
You can expect to see DLP out in full force filming Sewage’s blistering set. Be there. The time: 10am The Cost:F-R-E-E

Bike (Mis)Adventures

Some troubling news… Spike, who has been working as a bike messenger in between Sewage gigs, has had his tool of the trade, his Time’s Up http://times-up.org/ expertly restored bicycle stolen from right under his nose as he ordered a smoothie. He has been relying on the kindness of friends and continuing to go to work on borrowed bikes for now. Let this cautionary tale serve as a reminder to lock up your bike, no matter how long you plan to leave it unattended on NYC streets.

Have you seen me?

In happier Bike news, a small DL contingent descended upon the Living Theatre way down on Clinton street to attend the opening night of an excellent one-woman show entitled “Blondie of Arabia” written by and staring Monica Hunken. The show was a theatrical re-cap of Monica’s recent Middle Eastern travels via her 2 wheeled self-powered transportation. When the show began she was dressed as a Superhero, a fitting guise for someone who crossed 3 arid countries as a single woman in an extremely male chauvinist culture-on bicycle. She kept the audience captivated with her fascinating, hilarious, and sometimes horrifying experiences.

Stay right here for more bike action.


So, Bike Noise 3, an annual concert at NYC’s Tompkins Square Park took place on the Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend

DL productions was there, running a volunteer multi cam shoot, capturing the return of SEWAGE to the infamous, crudely constructed, Tompkins Square Stage, always temporarily built in the former bandshell area.

It was a punishing, hot, sun-drenched day.  The DL sunscreen was always coming out of the production kit.  Power was tapped from a near by lamppost in the park, which powered our live band audio recordist EZRA of EZRAUDIO.com as well as the laptop data transfer stations, not to mention the entire PA system for the show itself! Special thanks to The Shadow newspaper, for having the distro box, with 4 quad break outs made especially for the park shows, providing power to all.

DL had three HD 3-chip camera’s capturing most of the action, with additional support from volunteer and husband Chris and his 4th HD cam roving when not busy with other logistics, tasks, playing in Team Spider etc.  AND a roving Flip HD camera  —-which is shaping up to be the “Super 8″ of this era — (wo)manned by Priya, , and even DLP’s Flip HD made random appearances within drum kits, on top of amps, only to be found inevitably laying elsewhere on the stage, still running, seeming to say “a little help?” as we would rescue from beneath stage diving feet and prop it up somewhere else.

And we can only assume, our secret weapon DP, Spike himself, probably rolled off some footage from his trusty belt holstered Flip Cam at some points during the day.A great, though exhausting shoot indeed.

now, to Dive in and see what we’ve got !!!!

Bike Noise Organizers are hoping for a DVD of the show to use for fund raising of future Bike Noise shows.

We are going to have to find an editor for that, as all of out editing staff is up to their eye balls in footage already with the other projects.

Any interested candidates contact Allie thru the contact page.


All this dealing with Super 8 has reminded me of how I loved the way my miserly relatives documented entire summers, if not more, with one 3 min roll of super eight film.  No shots of someone endlessly staring at the camera as an off screen voice says “Do something, i don’t know, anything”.  Super 8 in a cheap bastards hands’ = Pure Money shots.  Bride and groom at alter, kiss, rice throw, drive away, suddenly you are at a little league game, familiar looking kid hits ball, runs, slides home, -zap- you are at the lake house, rope swing…kid lets go… landing at Xmas gifts being torn open, finally: end shot: the bride from shot 1, holding her newborn first son!  All on one 3 min roll!  No edits. No kidding!!!  In camera, fiscally responsible, almost maniacal, perfect minimal coverage.  I love it.  My elders survived the depression and self described “Don’t waste nothin’ “….  even the G on nothing’ is saved for a rainy day. 1 Year, 1 roll, which,  has been happily viewed by the fam, over and over and over… like a perfect pop song, never gets old, never completely satisfying, always a pleasure to return to!

Well, unfortunately maybe i took this conservatism to an extreme as i “wasted no energy” getting these rolls to the lab 13 years late!

lets hope for better luck on Super8 ROLL 2.

This Time… we PULL 2 STOPS… !!!! The stakes are much higher: we’re sending out vintage Sewage footage. C’mon Image… we’re lookin’ for you…

someone, kiss the roll for luck.. we sending it OFF

stay tuned 4 the re$ults

( coming up: we may also try sending a roll off to ‘film rescue international’, referred us by yet another helpful Cinematography.com poster)

May 28th 2010 Concert Cruise

Credit Sam Alcoff http://sam.alcoff.com/

DL Productions took a 3 hour tour aboard The Temptress, filming and rocking and rolling over the waves of the infamous Hudson river.  The Sights included The Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Skyline, the sounds included Jello Biafra and his new band the Guantanimo School of Medicine supported by Morning Glory and Tim from Avail (playing a solo acoustic set),odors included; New Jersey ( we kid ), sweaty beer soaked punks, war vets and bloodthirsty bouncers.

Rock cruises are always fun to be at, even more fun to tape, especially when Jello Biafra is crowd surfing while his band mates are occasionally almost losing his balance due to a boat rocking hard, apparently trying to compete with the band.

There may be a free giveaway DVD of this show coming sometime soon,  SO keep your eye out, and we will let you know when / if its happening.

Super 8 Super Rescue!

DLP has discovered vintage Sewage footage left in the closet for 13 years. The problem is that its recorded on the defunct format of Kodachrome Super 8mm film and the film density is (presumably) badly deteriorated and we’re trying to get as good an image as we can off of it.
The folks at Dwayne’s Photo (the only place in these United States to still process Kodachrome Super 8mm Film, and they’re located in Kansas, of all places) have not had much advice, so we’re asking for suggestions from you, the legions of DLP followers.
Here are the Facts:
-We have 5 Rolls of Kodachrome 40 Type A
-Exposed on Fresh Stock in Late 1997)
-Shot at concerts ( ranging from Clubs, to even squats)
-Stored in a dark closet
-About to be processed and transferred at Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, KS

Here are the Questions:
-Should it be Pushed, Pulled, or Processed as is?
– Would you recommend risking processing one roll normally, and adjusting accordingly for the rest of the rolls?
-Due to it being Kodachrome, we have no choice but to use Dwayne’s services for the processing, does anyone have advice/ a recommended transfer facility? (We ultimately want it as a quicktime file (HD preferred) )

Please comment with your helpful advice. Thanks!

Sewage Opens for The Business

Suzie, Spike & Filthy Interns Brian and Alex

Yesterday, Dedicated Lane crossed the bridge and descended upon Greenpoint, Brooklyn, on a mission to document Sewage as they opened for England’s venerable Oi! institution, THE BUSINESS, at Europa Nightclub.

Before the show, the band squeezed in a last minute rehearsal (their first with new bassist Johaan) at Rivington Music, where they happened upon Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool of Green Day rehearsing the cast of American Idiot (Punk comes to broadway!) Spike chatted up bassist Mike nonchalantly suggesting Sewage should open for Green Day on the next tour. Before Spike could take no for an answer, he wished them luck with their broadway show, gave them a flyer listing the Sewage Myspace, and hopped in the car to make sound check.

Later, when the lights dimmed at Europa, Sewage took the stage before a small, but enthusiastic crowd, only to be immediately assailed by a guitar demon infestation of Kris Spider’s amp, AND guitar. Despite the (suspiciously) numerous gremlin issues, Kris got up and running by the second song and the band played a great set, which included the world premiere of Sewage’s new song, “Sewage: HD”, to uproarious applause.

After a series of al fresco interviews with Spike Sewage, the Earl of Drums, and Kris Spider, and Lucky, the DL crew descended upon Christina’s Cafe, a local Polish eatery, where I found euphoria in aptly named “fantasy” blintzes, ( filled with bananas and Nutella ) and David, our intrepid AD, found himself to be the victim of gastrointestinal terrorism after ingesting a suspect Kielbasa.

We returned to the club just in time for The Business’ electrifying set. The geezers still proved themselves worthy after 30 years in existence, plowing through their classics and a few new numbers as well. The crowd was great, especially when I found myself on the floor after my boots found their way across some spilled beer, and I was quickly pulled to my feet by the sweaty masses as punk tradition happily dictates.

Unfortunately, due to the wrath of Odin, who excreted ash into the European stratosphere earlier this week, The Business weren’t able to bring along their gear and merch. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait to get their new shirt that borrows West Ham United’s football logo which is sure to piss off my girlfriend, a lifelong Man U supporter. All in all a great night.

Stay tuned to dedicated-lane.com, we’ll have some footage of the fun within the coming week.


Since we here at Dedicated Lane Productions fancy ourselves as serious business, we decided that it was appropriate that we engaged in some corporate team building as outlined in Enron’s Corporate Motivational Manual 2001 Ed. Hence, Allie our benevolent and shining boss hosted our first Annual/ Monthly / Bi-Weekly Game Night.
After we dined on a delicious meal cooked by Allie, as always pulling double duty as animal wrangler and master chef, she dusted off her copy of Apples to Apples, a long neglected Christmas gift. It was my first time in the Orchard, as well as Allie, her husband Chris, and future D.L. Resident Gabbi’s, but fortunately the suspiciously over-experienced Zach and Kaitlyn were “gentle with our apples” ( as the kids call it these days ).
A good time was had by all: we found out that apparently Schindler’s List is hilarious, Castles are more honorable than the very Ozone layer that saves our skin from boiling at the very caress of the sun (Still bitter about that one), and that Gabbi, without the benefit of English as a first language, can still wipe the floor with us Americans using her mysterious Brazilian apple picking ways. But most of all we found out that Allie’s husband, Chris, really hates Canada and all her people.

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