Since we here at Dedicated Lane Productions fancy ourselves as serious business, we decided that it was appropriate that we engaged in some corporate team building as outlined in Enron’s Corporate Motivational Manual 2001 Ed. Hence, Allie our benevolent and shining boss hosted our first Annual/ Monthly / Bi-Weekly Game Night.
After we dined on a delicious meal cooked by Allie, as always pulling double duty as animal wrangler and master chef, she dusted off her copy of Apples to Apples, a long neglected Christmas gift. It was my first time in the Orchard, as well as Allie, her husband Chris, and future D.L. Resident Gabbi’s, but fortunately the suspiciously over-experienced Zach and Kaitlyn were “gentle with our apples” ( as the kids call it these days ).
A good time was had by all: we found out that apparently Schindler’s List is hilarious, Castles are more honorable than the very Ozone layer that saves our skin from boiling at the very caress of the sun (Still bitter about that one), and that Gabbi, without the benefit of English as a first language, can still wipe the floor with us Americans using her mysterious Brazilian apple picking ways. But most of all we found out that Allie’s husband, Chris, really hates Canada and all her people.

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