Producing an Endangered Feces Music Video

***SPOILER ALERT for Endangered Feces fans.***

Recording sound for the Endangered Feces music video was a great hands-on experience on an independent production set.

One of the best parts about working with a small production crew was being closely involved in the filmmaking process. As the “sound guy” on set, I was largely recording sound effects: from the sounds of an alarm being slapped on the floor to the thundering sounds of someone charging down a flight of stairs. I was also included in the decision making process relating to the mise-en-scene, and setting up shots.

Observing Chris setting up the lights and camera was a learning experience on its own. I learned about using the surrounding environment to create a better composition in a shot. For example, Chris placed a garbage bin in front of the camera created a greater depth of field for a scene outside. This music video production augmented my academic filmmaking knowledge because it involved instinctual improvisations and resourcefulness. As an aspiring filmmaker, I want to apply the same innovative thought process to my own projects. Chris’s creative use of the environment on the production set was a reminder of the importance of resourcefulness.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Dedicated Lane Production team and with the band Endangered Feces.

-John Gillespie

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