REVEREND BILLY fundraiser party – interns night out

- A night out on St. Mark’s Place with Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir -

After a long day of transcribing at Dedicated Lane, Allie invited me to attend a party hosted by the most unconventional Reverend I’ve ever encountered with a message that doesn’t just ask you to take a ‘leap of faith’, but to simply open your eyes to what is happening to the local business across your street.

Even though I started a couple weeks ago, the people I interact with has become one of my favorite facets about Dedicated Lane. This evening was no exception. It was full of socializing and mingling, but not without a few songs to liven the mood and remember why everyone was there.

A common chant heard was “stop shopping”, but don’t take it too literally, it means stop shopping at the corporate chain stores and support the small businesses struggling more and more every day.  Hmmm, support small businesses? That sounds like something both political parties would agree on.

You may have heard of this guy before, he was in the Morgan Spurlock-produced documentary WHAT WOULD JESUS BUY, which takes a comedic yet intelligent approach to this perspective on corporate America taking over. Reverend Billy has a television show on, something you should definitely check out if any this hits a note.

Dedicated Lane Productions and Reverend Billy not only work together, but are great friends as well, which makes any project all the more better.  Look out for more updates on that. I think Reverend Billy plans on going up against the big banks next!


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