Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…

- written by Alex Reali, one of our new interns…
So I was at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in October, but I wasn’t actually. I saw all of these incredible signs while I was there, except I wasn’t. Months later, however, I was, I promise. In fact I spent two weeks re-living the experience! In October, in the weeks leading up to the 30th of the month- The Big Day itself- my generation, and then my friends, started buzzing about the event; a Must-go! Free busses! Make a sign! Make many! Dress up! Will Rachel Maddow be there? I couldn’t attend, I wasn’t in the country, but all of the seven or eight links of communicate to East-coasters were proclaiming how big this thing would be. And it was a pretty big deal. Kid Rock was there. Jeff Tweedy. You too?

Fast forward to May. When I first saw the footage from the event. I was, as I mentioned, familiar with the premise, that it turned out to be a huge landmark and a wonderful spectacle. I remembered that in October, I was regretful that I couldn’t attend; to put it bluntly, I envisioned a kind of hippie Be-In, and I’ve always been jealous of my Dad’s opportunity to attend Woodstock wearing turquoise rings on his fingers. To further this regret, my friends had told me that they would be taking free busses provided thoughtfully by Huffington Post, from New York to D.C.- Stewart and Colbert’s Woodstock. I was envious that I couldn’t participate in the amalgamation of these ideals; at the time, I was 22, and boy do I love America. Luckily, thanks to this footage, I didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn on the day before Halloween; I probably ate un pain au chocolate instead, or a nice baguette sandwich. I’m very lucky that instead, I only had to wait a few months- seven to be exact- to witness the Spectacle.

Seven months later, Allie handed me a hard drive with an encapsulated Rally. I mentioned that my previous impression of the event had been; ooh! swarms of gen X “hippies”…a “Be-In.” So when I at down with the actual footage, this was indeed the case, but only partially. The footage showed thousands of people showing their support…for each other. I’ve never seen anything like this, I was pleasantly surprised. In watching these clips, I also got a personally snarky narrated tour of the proverbial Rally Fairgrounds- i.e. The Mall- and if you watch this video, so will you.

So whether you were in attendance, or you’ve regretted not going afterwards like me, here are some high points; these are Our Words, Our creativity in numbers. The signs were amazing, you can see that; the voice of The People! This is why video is powerful. With this clip, you’re watching a historical document, a moving picture of the times. Here’s a moving postcard…

PS – Brian Tannenbaum makes a guest appearance in this video.

PSS – Best of Luck to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert at the Emmy’s!!!

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