All this dealing with Super 8 has reminded me of how I loved the way my miserly relatives documented entire summers, if not more, with one 3 min roll of super eight film.  No shots of someone endlessly staring at the camera as an off screen voice says “Do something, i don’t know, anything”.  Super 8 in a cheap bastards hands’ = Pure Money shots.  Bride and groom at alter, kiss, rice throw, drive away, suddenly you are at a little league game, familiar looking kid hits ball, runs, slides home, -zap- you are at the lake house, rope swing…kid lets go… landing at Xmas gifts being torn open, finally: end shot: the bride from shot 1, holding her newborn first son!  All on one 3 min roll!  No edits. No kidding!!!  In camera, fiscally responsible, almost maniacal, perfect minimal coverage.  I love it.  My elders survived the depression and self described “Don’t waste nothin’ “….  even the G on nothing’ is saved for a rainy day. 1 Year, 1 roll, which,  has been happily viewed by the fam, over and over and over… like a perfect pop song, never gets old, never completely satisfying, always a pleasure to return to!

Well, unfortunately maybe i took this conservatism to an extreme as i “wasted no energy” getting these rolls to the lab 13 years late!

lets hope for better luck on Super8 ROLL 2.

This Time… we PULL 2 STOPS… !!!! The stakes are much higher: we’re sending out vintage Sewage footage. C’mon Image… we’re lookin’ for you…

someone, kiss the roll for luck.. we sending it OFF

stay tuned 4 the re$ults

( coming up: we may also try sending a roll off to ‘film rescue international’, referred us by yet another helpful poster)

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