Spike Project

Documentary – 2009-2010

In 1999 Spike and his band Sewage were on the brink of super success with soundtrack contributions and roles in Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam, record label offers, and appearances on MTV & David Letterman. Spike was already a fixture on the NYC punk scene, and infamous even before his face covered the newspapers under headlines of “sex drugs & murder” & “a vicious slay” for his alleged participation in the highly publicized robbery, S&M slaying of his landlord / band manager. A questionable verdict, accompanied by an unusually harsh sentence, that brought a quick end to Spike’s dreams of punk rock super stardom.

Spike Trailer 06/14/10 from Spike Project on Vimeo.

In October 2009, Jared “Spike” Errington received an early release after serving 10 years in prison. Spike has never seen an iPod, owned a cell phone, or been on the internet. His East Village neighborhood has been “cleaned up” beyond recognition and the music industry itself seems to be just as lost in this new age as Spike. His only connection to the new unfamiliar world is his long running relationship with his girlfriend Suzie. Dubbed the Sid and Nancy of the 90′s, Spike quickly marries Suzie upon release and begins to rebuild his band: SEWAGE.
Despite his seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and the dismal landscape of synthesized music, Spike remains positive and optimistic regarding his plans to stay clean & save the soul Rock and Roll.